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The survey will open as a PDF file. Please download and save it to your computer. Complete the form, and save it to your computer again. Finally, send it in an email attachment to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Our tutors are frequently looking for new resources to help our students meet their learning goals. We recommend the following sites:   This is an excellent website from grammar, math, and spelling.  Printable worksheets can be printed off for use with students

The following links are math websites which offer flashcards, free printable worksheets:  Goodwill Community Foundation website offers many resources for your student.  There are Basic math, reading and technology tutorials and interactive on-line activities to help make learning easier, and allow your student to practice basic skills at their own level and pace. These two websites offer free printable worksheets.  There are also materials that you cannot access unless you are a paying member. Literacy Ontario’s link provides tutors with excellent links for on-line resources for reading, writing, numeracy, employment and more. This website offers learning activities to be used with your students



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