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 Snack Attack!

Adults come to the Barrie Literacy Council with a desire to learn reading, writing and math skills. These skills can pave the way for essential life skills – a great example of “Bringing Learning to Life”.

In 2006, with assistance from BLC volunteers and staff, a group of students created Snack Attack, a business that takes care of those mid-day munchies!

For one hour every day, food and drinks are sold for one dollar per item. Like any business, in order to get this one up and running, students had to create a business plan, present it to the Council Board, and ultimately receive the go-ahead.

Since then, Snack Attack has been a thriving small business, successful enough to generate profits that support student initiatives and cover the costs of student involvement in Council activities. For example, many students attend literacy conferences and money from Snack Attack subsidizes the bus transportation costs to the event. Christmas parties can be held because of profits from Snack Attack as well as other events.

When asked about what she has learned, April, who is responsible for Snack Attack, says, “Even though I am learning the basics in my studies, Snack Attack makes me apply those skills. Accounting for money, making lists and shopping within a budget, patience and planning are things I do now without worrying. Plus, we have a lot of fun and get to do things we couldn’t do without the money from Snack Attack!” April is quick to point out that a lot of help comes from other students and BLC staff.

Who knows what’s next for April and her ‘co-workers’ – maybe a career in food services? Or, putting those skills to work in an office environment? The Barrie Literacy Council believes in every adult that comes to us for help, and supports their goals.

Anyone for a snack?

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